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Simply put, we make kick ass websites with Webflow. Don't know what Webflow is? It's the Wordpress of the future, and we are helping to pioneer that future for businesses like yours. Here’s a few reasons why we use Webflow over Wordpress, and we think you should too.

Easy To Update Content

Simple on-page editing, with a minimal dashboard UI.  Easy collaboration between client and designer.

Site Security

Wordpress sites are notorious for being hacked. Webflow is backed by constant threat monitoring and free SSL.

Code Quality

Webflow outputs code that is as clean and semantic as possible, while Wordpress is notoriously bloated due to plugins.

Better SEO

Webflow sites are built for modern internet and search engines give you extra points for mobile friendly performance.

Design Freedom

With Webflow you start with a blank canvas and customize everything visually without being restricted by plugins or templates.


Client billing built right in, easy collaboration between design and content. Editing and publishing new content is really easy.

Tech Support

Regularly cited as one of the best features of Webflow.  Support with Wordpress is mostly community-drive and isn’t guaranteed.

Ability to Migrate Platforms

Webflow outputs code that can be migrated to other platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, Ghost or Netlify CMS.

So, what exactly is webflow?

Webflow is an application that allows designers to build responsive websites with browser based visual editing software.

Our Process

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We make Custom websites that perform for your business

If you have an old website that doesn't generate revenue for your business and you want to simplify your life as a business owner, then contact PixelFleek for a free 30 minute consultation. We specialize in helping businesses with their online presence and reputation. Your website is the face of your company, and if you don't look on point it could be hurting your bottom line. We can help you get a website that looks modern and performs.

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Harbor Business Solutions

I am blown away by Matt's abilities as a designer and web developer, it was a seamless process for me and a quick turn-around time. It has breathed new life into me and my business, and everyone I have shown the designs too, absolutely love it! I will be recommending Matt to anyone that I know that needs his expertise.

-Jeremy Whiting

Coastal Synergy Associates

Matt went above and beyond. This was the second website he has created for us. Once again we are beyond pleased. Matt was hands on from the design phase, all the way to launch date. The true value came after the site was built and launched. Matt’s knowledge of rolling improvements was essential. We once again we give Matt 5 stars. Do not hesitate to use him.

- Marshall Hisaw

Texas Governor Political Campaign

I had the opportunity to work with Matt on a major statewide political campaign with a $24 million budget. He is a fantastic designer, and was able to produce quality work quickly and to specifications. I highly recommend Matt for your next project, large or small.

- Vince Leibowitz

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