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Matt McCarson

Founder of PixelFleek

Matt is a scholarship winning student from The Art Institute of Houston with over 13 years of elite web design agency experience.

PixelFleek - Webflow Website Developers

We work with kinds of businesses in order to help them succeed in the digital world. From dental offices to law firms, PixelFleek has the experience to deliver high quality digital assets.

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What Kind Of Businesses Does PixelFleek Work With?

  • Dentists & Medical Practices

  • Law Attorney Offices

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Oil & Gas Companies

  • Tech Startups

  • Ski & Golf Resorts

  • Pet Industries

  • + Many More!

Frequently asked questions

What makes Webflow better than Wordpress?

Webflow's custom CMS platform allows us to build powerful, database driven websites with ease. The code is clean and isn't bloated with tons of plugins, like Wordpress. Webflow is more SEO friendly, loads faster, and allows for quick template and content updates, which in Wordpress can be a pain. Learn More...

How much do you charge for a custom Website?

We customize our pricing depending on your individual project needs and how many hours it will require to complete the project in full. With that being said, our websites aren't cheap because they are well thought out, custom designed platforms that take many hours of strategy, planning and execution.

What's your hourly rate for graphic design work?

We do have an hourly rate for graphic design services. Generally, we charge $120 an hour for graphic services, such as logo design, e-blasts, mailers and packaging design.

Where is PixelFleek located?

PixelFleek is located an hour north of Houston, in a town called Huntsville, Texas. Currently we are working from home, but we are open to Skype and Zoom for consultations and sales meetings.

What if I want a Wordpress site and not a Webflow site?

Absolutely no problem. We know sometimes there are circumstances when you just have to have Wordpress. Once we build your custom template in Webflow, we can migrate your site in to Wordpress for you to manage from there.

4 Principles For
How We Achieve Excellence


Keep An Honest & Open
Communication At All Times

It's our priority to make sure you feel involved in the process without constantly bugging you with updates. We utilize project management software to keep our projects organized and our clients updated on the project status. We also provide you with a dev link where you can monitor your build in real time.


We Never Take On Projects We
Don’t Think We Can Handle

Sometimes a project comes along that's really not our cup of tea. We will be very open and upfront about our capabilities and what types of projects we are willing to take on. For example we do web design, not mobile app development.


We Genuinely Want To Help You
Reach Your Business Goals

We want to help American businesses make more money. Ultimately, if you have an underperforming website, or no website at all, you could be potentially leaving a considerable amount of leads and income on the table. We want to make you a new website that brings significant value to your company.


We don't use templates, we
don't put out sub par work

Everything that we create, is created in house. We don't outsource, we don't hire cheap labor, we don't use templates.  We personally hand craft every piece of design work from scratch, by an experienced, hi-level professional designer.


See what our clients are saying about PixelFleek

Harbor Business Solutions

I am blown away by Matt's abilities as a designer and web developer, it was a seamless process for me and a quick turn-around time. It has breathed new life into me and my business, and everyone I have shown the designs too, absolutely love it! I will be recommending Matt to anyone that I know that needs his expertise.

-Jeremy Whiting

Coastal Synergy Associates

Matt went above and beyond. This was the second website he has created for us. Once again we are beyond pleased. Matt was hands on from the design phase, all the way to launch date. The true value came after the site was built and launched. Matt’s knowledge of rolling improvements was essential. We once again we give Matt 5 stars. Do not hesitate to use him.

- Marshall Hisaw

Texas Governor Political Campaign

I had the opportunity to work with Matt on a major statewide political campaign with a $24 million budget. He is a fantastic designer, and was able to produce quality work quickly and to specifications. I highly recommend Matt for your next project, large or small.

- Vince Leibowitz

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