About PixelFleek

Hi, I'm matt.

All around cool dude and PixelFleek Founder

I've been an internet and tech nerd most of my life. Since high school, I've been searching for the best way to make websites. In 2017 I discovered the power of the Webflow platform and dove in headfirst. Today, I'm crafting better websites faster than ever. I'd love to help you on your next website design project.

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The Story behind PixelFleek


Matt Gets his first Graphic design gig

Matt gets his first job designing T-shirts for Sunline Products in Katy, Texas under the mentorship of Photoshop master Mitch Different.


Matt Graduates The Art Institute of Houston

Matt graduates on scholarship from the Art Institute of Houston with a B.F.A. in Web Design & Multimedia. After college, Matt gets his first salary design job.


Matt Gains experience Working for Local Digital Web Agencies

Matt works at several marketing agencies in Houston building his skills in graphic and website design.


Matt moves to florida in search of Opportunity

In Florida, Matt works for several more digital agencies where he eventually discovered and fell in love with Webflow.

May 2020

World Goes to Shit and Matt Moves back to His Texas Hometown

In order to avoid a plague and zombie hordes, Matt moves to Huntsville, Texas to start freelancing from a remote location.

September 2020

PixelFleek gets first client, Harbor Business Solutions

A LinkedIn lead turns into a one page website and a logo treatment for some real US dollaz!

November 2020

Matt Launches PixelFleek and Rents a Studio

Matt finally launches his web agency and hires an intern in hopes of growing it into a fully functional Webflow design studio.