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Are you looking for the best web designer in Huntsville Texas?

Why is PixelFleek the best website designer in Huntsville Texas?

So often I hear from my clients how difficult it is to get a simple website done. Either the freelancer won't call back and does sub-par work, or the big agency is super expensive and far away. People want to work with someone that does quality work, is responsive, and is locally trusted. That's what we provide here at PixelFleek, a personalized experience from a local professional with big agency experience.

Crafting a website tailored to your branding and business needs is our specialty. We want to make you a website that will show your competition who's boss, and give you the best opportunity possible for positive Google search rankings and organic traffic. PixelFleek website design is the go-to company for elite web development services in Huntsville Texas.

What makes PixelFleek websites better than anyone else's?

The answer is quite simple. PixelFleek uses the power of Webflow. Don't know what Webflow is? It's a content management system like Wordpress, but it's like the Wordpress of the future. Click the video below to get a better grasp on the concept of Webflow and how it can be used to make really awesome websites for businesses here locally in Walker County.

Ok, so how easy is it going to be to update my website?

Webflow utilizes a powerful front end editor as well as easy to manage collections. What are collections? A collection is, well.... a collection, of anything: blogs, staff members, realty listings, photos, videos, menu items, anything can be a collection. What Webflow allows you to do is to manage these collections easily and swiftly, giving you an unprecedented ability to maintain and manage content on your website. We know Wordpress is a pain, we want to end the suffering that comes with that platform because there really is an easier way of doing things when it comes to all things website.

What makes Webflow better than Wordpress?

What makes Webflow better than Wordpress is the vast amount of valuable features that comes along with Webflow. Instapage, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Wordpress, these platforms are each good for certain situations, but the vast majority of small to medium sized business are going to want to make the switch to Webflow for the following reasons.

  • Webflow produces hella clean code. Wordpress will on average have hundreds of lines of extra codes and extra scripts to load that blogs down the site. Webflow is a Ferrari in comparison to the clunky, old Wordpress.
  • The load times for Webflow sites are off the charts. Because the code is so clean and optimized, the pages load quickly, giving them a good score for Google page speed requirements.
  • Google thinks Webflow sites are yummy. Because the page speed being fast and code so clean, you will have a much better chance at ranking better on search engines.
  • Back ups are automatic. Anything you do in Webflow has snapshot taken of it so if anything catastrophic were to happen, an older version of your website can be restored at the click of a few buttons.
  • No plugins, updates or themes to wrestle with. Anyone who has dealt with Wordpress knows about the nightmare of constantly having to keep your theme and Wordpress updated. Any update can and probably will break your site, causing all kinds of problems and costly time consuming repairs. None of that is an issue with Webflow.
  • Super affordable, manage Wordpress hosting would cost up to $75 dollars a month. Instapage costs over $500 a month. Webflow is usually around $35 - $45 dollars per month.

What are your prices and how do I get started?

Prices for PixelFleek websites start at around $2,500 dollars for a basic 1-5 page website. If you are looking for a website that has lots of pages, blogs and custom 3rd party integrations, it would be closer to $3,500 to $4,500. Custom E-commerce sites can go even higher. We aren't the cheapest web developers in Huntsville, we are just the most experienced and the most professional. We provide a lot of value to our customers; so think about the pricing in terms of how much do you think you can make off of the website itself? Do you have the type of business that can turn a $3,500 website into $70,000 profit with just a few of the right leads? A website is a salesman that works 24/7 and doesn't require a salary, I'd say for a few grand that's a hell of a deal. That's why we like to work with established, money making business like lawyers, dentists, realtors and churches who just need the right online presence to capitalize on an already established physical brick and mortar business.

To get started, give Matt a call at PixelFleek today, 936-661-2363.

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